[Etta James voice] Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaat laaaaaast....my latest class is here!

Today’s the day, folks! After nearly two years of dreaming about making it and months of work, I've finally posted my newest Skillshare class, Develop Expressive Characters Through Caricature, as part of my Character Design Crash Courseseries! Woo!

For now, it's only available in its entirety on Skillshare, but you can check out the class trailer >>> HERE <<<


When you sign up for a Skillshare premium membership via my link, you get two free months instead of the standard one, and instantly gain access to my entire catalogue of classes (about 7 hours of art education), as well as to the thousands of other awesome courses on the platform.

I'm gonna get real for a minute here. Since joining Skillshare, I've discovered a passion for creating repeating patterns, become an Adobe Illustrator pro, learned how to better market and brand my work, and countless other skills. It is because of affordable avenues of learning like Skillshare that I am currently working towards becoming a full-time freelancer and art licenser, and I couldn't be more grateful. I know I'm biased, but I genuinely think it's the best online learning website of its kind!


Also, don't you wanna see how I developed this bad boy? ;D Bonus points if you can name the character! XD

Melissa Lee