The Not Starving Artist Podcast Interview!


Hey lovelies, I’m on a podcast! This is a fairly new-ish podcast that I'm absolutely in love with called The Not Starving Artist, in which Angie Noll, a fellow artist and creative entrepreneur, interviews artists of all stripes about their unique journeys and insights into making art. Angie has a lovely speaking voice, is articulate and warm, and the questions she asks naturally encourage insightful and engaging responses.

All of the artists interviewed give honest accounts of their respective paths to creative entrepreneurship, including the struggles they've experienced as well as the successes. It can be intimidating to only hear from established, super successful industry professionals, so I find it refreshing that everyone Angie interviews is at a different point in their professional art journey; some are just starting out (like me!), while others are farther along. Every artist interviewed is inspiring in their own way, and I’m honored to have been included among them! 

You can find my episode HERE. And listen on iTunes HERE. I hope you enjoy!