I'm going to Quilt Market (the big trade show for the fabric industry) in October, not to exhibit, but to do some networking, research, and meet with companies to show them my portfolio, that sort of thing. I'm mostly super excited, but today I was doing some travel planning (it's held in Houston) and I was hit with a bout of self-doubt and nervousness.

I keep telling myself not to expect to get a licensing deal there and then, and that if I don't, it'll still be a valuable networking and research experience, but the truth is, I really, really, REALLY want to get licensed for a fabric collection. It's the number one thing I want my work to be printed on, and all of the companies I would love to work with will be there, so if none of them show any interest, I'm going to be really disappointed. It's kind of too late for me not to get my hopes up. *sigh* I know my work is good enough, but also what if it's not? lmao

I swear I'm not fishing for compliments. In fact, I'd almost rather you not compliment me today because I know what all of you will say already; that of course my work is good enough, it's great, etc. And while I, of course, very much appreciate the sentiment (and believe it most days!), my fear and nervousness and self-doubt is totally illogical right now, so I doubt it would help. I'm just having A Day™, you know. *sigh sigh sigh* I’ll get through it, I just needed to vent a bit.

BUT ANYWAY. On a more pleasant note, I'm actually pretty excited to travel to Houston, especially now that I know that the Houston Natural History Museum has the biggest dinosaur collection in North America.🦕🤩🦖 Hellz yeah. You bet your butt I'm going to that. 😎