The Teacher Who Changed My Life

Hello lovelies!

Today I have something really special to share with you: one of the biggest influences on my life and the secret to my success. So go grab yourself the drink of your choice and settle in.

In the fall of 2014, I joined Skillshare and discovered Bonnie Christine’s courses. They were some of the first courses I took on the platform, and they remain some of my absolute favorites. They’re also how I discovered my love of creating repeat patterns, and are the initial inspiration for my current career path.

And then last year in February, Bonnie launched The Surface Pattern Design Immersion Course.

To quoth the course page, “The Surface Pattern Design Immersion Course is a comprehensive 8-week Online training program for anyone who wants to learn Adobe Illustrator, pattern design, and the business of how to become a licensing artist.” 

I hesitated to sign up for this course because I’d already spent money on a few other surface pattern design courses, and frankly, I wasn’t sure how much more I could learn, but Bonnie is my favorite teacher ever, so I signed up anyway.

And boy am I glad I did! I couldn’t believe how much more I learned. It still sort of boggles my mind, to be perfectly honest. Bonnie has a wealth of knowledge about Illustrator, business, and of course, design, and she shares it all in this course. It is, hands down, my favorite design course I’ve ever taken and I’ve taken quite a few!

Most importantly, it has empowered and encouraged me to follow my BIGGEST dream.

Bonnie said it best: “I think it's important to set BIG goals. You know, the ones that are scary to say out loud because you think they may never come true? The most important thing I’ve learned about those big goals is to not let them overwhelm you. Rather, let them inspire your small steps.

The best way to get started is simply that. You must start. I believe, this is where so many creatives get STUCK. 

You need to know, when you're on step 2 or 3, you won't know what step 8 or 9 (or 6,321) looks like, but you'll know each step just in time to make them happen.

Because you know what? Most things in life are possible if you're willing to put in the work.”


This is just a small taste of the wisdom I've learned from Bonnie. She has truly helped me change my entire mindset on following my dreams and achieving my goals. Instead of hoping that they'll happen, I'm making them happen.

I truly believe that there is room for all of us who have determination and drive. As Bonnie says, "Dreams come true by way of knowledge."

If you dream of being a successful artist, let Bonnie’s course, Surface Pattern Design Immersion help you tackle that dream.

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Whether you’re brand new or established and ready to soar, this course will meet you where you’re at and help you accomplish your BIG goals. Bonnie Christine knows, the best way to accomplish your biggest goals is to immerse yourself in the learning, the industry and in the community. 

And trust me, she doesn’t hold anything back.

The incredibly comprehensive, 8 week course contains over 120 lessons, 90 videos and audio versions of all of the text based lessons so you can choose to engage however you prefer. The course is broken up into 8 modules, with lessons released at the beginning of each week. It may sound like a lot, but rest assured that she's broken it up into bite sized pieces that build upon each other and are easy to follow. I can tell you with confidence that it is truly worth every penny!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Module 1: Intro to Illustrator

  • Module 2: Illustrator Advanced

  • Module 3: Repeating Patterns Pro

  • Module 4: Working in Collections

  • Module 5: Designing a Portfolio

  • Module 6: Creating your Irresistible Package

  • Module 7: Propelling your Work into the World

  • Module 8: The Business of Surface Design

Enrollment is open February 19th - February 26th. It only opens once a year, so don’t delay.


I’ll meet you on the inside!